HTC celebrates 15th anniversary with opening of new Taipei headquarters

New headquarters will drive HTC’s innovation, design and brand while attracting top global talent

Taipei, Taiwan – June 13, 2012 – HTC Corporation (HTC), a global leader in mobile innovation and design, today celebrated its 15th anniversary with the grand opening of its new global headquarters in Taipei. The new headquarters illustrates HTC’s commitment to creating innovative mobile experiences that make consumers’ lives easier and more productive. The ceremony was hosted by HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang and Chief Executive Officer Peter Chou, and attended by Taiwan Vice President Wu Den-yih and a broad lineup of global industry leaders.

A new center of excellence – The official opening of the new headquarters building demonstrates HTC’s values, vision and innovative spirit. Keeping environmental sustainability and HTC’s design roots in mind, the building’s design process resulted in a space that conveys humanity, craftsmanship, simplicity, and fun. The clean lines and spacious atrium maximize natural light and increase airflow, which helps reduce the building’s carbon footprint. Hints of the company’s trademark coloring and branding emerge throughout the exterior of the building, such as in the white background, bold, black lines, and an abstract depiction of the letters H, T and C. The new headquarters will be home to more than 2,000 employees including 1,000 R&D and design staff. The contemporary design, combined with the airy common spaces and high ceilings, will foster a collaborative, innovative working environment to create the best smartphone experiences for consumers worldwide.

A healthy work environment – The new headquarters includes a two-story multifunction employee lounge and a spacious cafeteria featuring chef-created menus. The all-glass, state-of-the-art fitness facility located on the 10th floor features exercise equipment, as well as fitness, yoga and boxing instructors. Employees can also play basketball, tennis and badminton on the 17th floor courts.

Giving back to the community – The new headquarters includes a public art gallery and performance area, where employees and visitors can enjoy the work of local artists including world-renowned artist, Ju Ming. The HTC Foundation provides education to the young and disadvantaged and will occupy the second and third floors. The Foundations’s space aims to foster trainining in leadership, communication and education to teachers and principals and will also become a starting point for children living in remote areas to open up their lives to an international perspective.

Sustainable, green design – The new headquarters achieved LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification by incorporating a number of green design elements:

•Green Lighting:LED lighting throughout the building cuts energy use by 80%; solar panels on the roof collect energy for lighting staircases and underground levels; motion-sensing light switches reduce energy consumption; and a lighting schedule for night and holidays controls energy consumption for efficiently.

•Regenerative Elevators:The advanced elevators conserve 60% more electricity over traditional elevator systems through regenerative-drive technology that produces cost-effective onsite electricity.

•RFID parking management and electric vehicle charging

•Energy-efficient air conditioning:Air conditioners operate with the off-peak cooling system to freeze water at night for daytime usage. This delivers the same cooling capacity with a smaller cooling unit and potentially saves one-third of energy consumption compared to conventional cooling systems.

In 2011, HTC made Interbrand's annual Top 100 Best Global Brands list for the first time, becoming the first Taiwan brand ever to earn a place on the prestigious list. With the official launch of the new corporate headquarters, HTC will continue to drive innovation and technology breakthroughs, and create the most personal experiences for consumers worldwide.

Attending the opening ceremony, Taiwan’s Vice President Wu Den-yih said, “In 2011, HTC was listed as one of the top global brands by Interbrand, and successfully spotlighted Taiwan in the global arena. Its position as one of the world’s top brands is a testament to its ability to innovate and create mobile technologies that worldwide consumers want and love. I encourage HTC to continue to innovate, and elevate Taiwan’s competitiveness.”

HTC’s Chairwoman Cher Wang said, “HTC is a global brand and a leader in innovation and design. After 15 years of continued hard work and success, HTC has made a significant global impact on how people use their mobile devices. We want to be the global platform that connects Taiwan’s talents to the rest of the world, and bring worldwide consumers a new and personal smartphone experience. Our goal is to become one of the top brands in the world.”

HTC’s Chief Executive Officer Peter Chou said, “In the past 15 years, we have had opportunities to learn and innovate and have achieved beyond our anticipation. More importantly, we have acquired the ability to build our brand. HTC has made the impossible possible and taken steps to realize dreams. The grand opening of Taipei Headquarters marks a whole new beginning. We will reposition ourselves and strive to push our limits to overcome challenges.

Many luminaries from government, business, art and other fields attended the ceremony, with many offering congratulations on this new chapter for HTC.

Mayor Chu Li-lun of New Taipei City, where HTC’s new headquarters is located, said, “HTC has actively cultivated a local R&D and design talent base, and helped to drive Taiwan’s global competitiveness. Taipei’s new headquarters signifies the company’s commitment to generate local economic activities and drive innovation, which are core values shared by the New Taipei City.”

Taoyuan County Mayor Wu Chih-yang said, “HTC started its business in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and became a world-renowned smartphone brand. It has nurtured many talented IT professionals and brought exemplary quality of thinking and operational success to Taoyuan. Congratulations on the new headquarters. I believe the new building will continue to contribute to Taiwan’s economic success.”

Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, Qualcomm Chairman and CEO said, "HTC has earned its reputation for creative devices that set new milestones in mobile computing. Qualcomm and HTC's close partnership over the years is based on our shared values, especially our mutual commitment to innovation and always focusing on the customer experience. I congratulate Peter and HTC on their 15th anniversary and their beautiful new headquarters. Most especially, we look forward to many more years of continued collaboration."

Andy Rubin, Google's Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital Content said, "HTC was the first device maker to bet on Android, and it's terrific to see how far they've come. We wish them luck in their new headquarters, and look forward to many more years of innovation and collaboration."

Terry Myerson, Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone at Microsoft said, “Microsoft has a long history of a successful partnership with HTC, starting with our first devices together many years ago, and we are excited about what our two companies have in store for the future. Many congratulations from Microsoft on HTC’s 15th anniversary and beautiful new headquarters.”

Yves Maitre, Senior Vice President of Multimedia and Devices for Orange said, "HTC has always driven mobile trends. After 15 years of constant innovation, this Quietly Brilliant brand is showing the world a new sustainable path: innovation through environmental awareness and quality of work."

Jeff Bradley, Senior Vice President of Devices at AT&T said, “AT&T is honored to have a long and successful history with HTC. This new headquarters building is sure to inspire many more years of innovation and brilliant products.”

Patrick Chomet, Group Director of Terminals at Vodafone said, “Over the past 15 years, HTC has played a critical role in making smartphone technology accessible to a broad range of customers, bringing products to market that offer a complete package of great design, functionality and performance. As a valued partner of Vodafone, we will continue to work closely with HTC to bring the benefits of the mobile data revolution to our customers globally.”

Chairman of Chunghwa Telecom Lu Shyue-ching said, “HTC has worked closely with Chunghwa Telecom to incorporate innovative thinking and introduce leading mobile devices to Taiwan’s telecommunications industry. Our partnership includes mobile devices, value-added services and channel marketing. We look forward to continuing our work with HTC, creating a more dynamic mobile industry in Taiwan, and providing a richer, more personal experience to our consumers. ”

World-renowned artist Ju Ming, on his work being displayed at the new HTC headquarters said, “I often use the work of art to express the mutual relationship between people and people, and people and nature. I hope the spirit and creativity of my Taichi series will add a rich, humanistic layer to HTC’s headquarters. I have always advocated the idea of living and working amongst ‘artistic spirit.’ My wish is that HTC employees can use this spirit and turn it into art, creativity and breakthroughs that HTC can be proud of.”

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