Searching for locations and places

Searching for locations and places

In Google Maps, you can search for an address, a city or a type of business or establishment, (for example, museums in london). The search results can include such information as the location's phone number, address, and reviews. You can also get directions to the location or view it in Street View, when available.

As you enter a search term, suggested matches from your contacts, the web and previously searched terms are displayed. You can directly tap a match to search for it.

  1. While viewing a map, press SEARCH.
  2. Enter the place you want to search in the search box.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Tap to search for the term you entered.
    • Tap a suggested search item.
    The search results are displayed as markers on the map.
Show the search results as a list.
Select the previous or next marker on the map.
Tap the balloon above this location marker to view more information about the location.

After tapping the balloon that shows the location that you want, you’ll see its address, rating, and reviews, if available.

  • Tap the onscreen buttons to get directions, view the location in Street View, if available, and more. Scroll down the screen for more options.
  • Tap Details to view additional information.
  • Swipe left or right across the screen to view the next or previous search result.
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