Viewing photos and videos

Viewing photos and videos

After you’ve selected an album, you can browse through your photos and videos.
Slide your finger up or down to scroll through the thumbnails. Tap a photo or video to view it in full screen.
Tip: While viewing a photo in full screen, you can press , and then tap Show on map to see the location where you took the photo. (Show on map is available when you've enabled Geo-tag photos in Camera.)

Zooming in or out on a photo

There are two ways you can zoom in or out of a photo.

  • Tap the screen twice quickly to zoom in, then tap the screen twice quickly again to zoom out.
  • Press your thumb and index finger on the screen and then spread your fingers apart to zoom in; pinch your fingers together to zoom out.

Viewing photos as a slideshow

  1. Select an album that has the photos you want to view as a slideshow.
  2. Tap > Slideshow.
    Tip: Tap the screen to show the playback controls.
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